Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Albert Handell workshop in Oregon

Grant's Pass Water Dept.
pastel on Wallis paper 12"x18"

I just spent a week in Grant's Pass Oregon, visiting my sister and taking part in a pastel workshop with Albert Handell. It was a wonderful experience in every way. I'm still jotting down little things I learned as they come to mind- not so much technique as how to see and compose a beautiful painting.
This is one of the paintings that I did during the workshop. I was particularly happy with this one because one of the things I was hoping to work on was how to handle all the green that surrounds us in the summertime. You can only avoid it for so long...

Friday, May 15, 2009

spring creek

spring creek
pastel on uart paper 9"x12"

A painting done on site at the park near my house. I was happy to find this little out of the way creek with a plank bridge in just the right spot. It was a nice place to set up my easel and be off the beaten path. (I have a hard time painting with lots of onlookers.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


pastel on paper 9x12-ish

Well I've been avoiding my blog for a couple weeks, but wanted to post something while I'm working on another piece. So here is one of my older paintings. It's always been one of my favorites although I'm sure the composition would bother some people.
Haybales are a nice thing to paint, all big and round, although I do sometimes miss the square ones.