Wednesday, March 25, 2009

raincloud on my drive home

pastel on uart paper 3"x5"

Hmmm, another not so serious attempt to make a painting. Hopefully I'll get down to business in the next couple of days.
I did this mostly from memory of this big gorgeous thundercloud. It was hovering just ahead of me as I drove home on the interstate after a nice visit with my mom, dad and brother. It never did rain, at least not on me.


  1. I wish I was sitting on a bench in a museum and was able to just stay for hours looking at this glorious painting. I guess it would have to be bigger :) Soooo much really gave me the feeling of our tiny little place in the universe. All in a 3"x5" painting!!

  2. Jean, the clouds are beautiful. I'm impressed that you painted them from memory. Isn't it wonderful to see such beautiful clouds when you are driving on the highway?

    Another thing I loved about this post, is the comment your sweet sister left! Isn't that so nice?!

  3. Wow, this is really awesome. I again can't believe how small it is, though. You seem to have a really cool talent to create big expansive space on a tiny "canvas," kind of a neat specialty niche perhaps...

  4. complimenti per i tuoi lavori, mi piacciono molto i tuoi colori. ciao dall'italia, luisa

  5. Thank you all.

    Kath and Laura- you guys are too sweet. Even though I hate that interstate drive, almost every time I'm treated to a wonderful "light show". (Usually rushing to get home before dark.)

    Jala, I really try not to put so much on the tiny canvas, but I get carried away. I'm always fighting that temptation to continually add more detail. Thank you for liking it.

    Luisa, Grazie!

  6. Yes I like it too! I love doing this type of thing from memory sometimes can be kind of freeing in a way.
    It's a really dramatic piece (especially considering its size!).

  7. This one and the one after it with the butterfly are my two favorite ones. I really like your stuff....wish I could see it in real life.