Thursday, March 5, 2009

a little something for my sweetie...

garlic field
pastel on wallis paper

It's been a hellacious week, but I now have a few days off and hope to get back to painting. It was probably 70 degrees here today, and I'm hoping this great weather lasts at least a few more days.

I did this little pastel for my husband who loves garlic above almost everything. This might be the year we grew 5,000 heads of it. These days we grow a more reasonable 500 heads.
I did this painting on a tired brain, and didn't take it too seriously. It probably needs some tweaking, and certainly the photo does (too blue), but I wanted to post something this week. Honestly, I was hoping for something a little more Susan Ogilvie-ish.


  1. Very sweet painting, Jean. We love our garlic, too. I'll have to ask my brother in law what variety he grows, it looks as big as Elephant, but it's something else.

  2. Nice!!
    I love garlic too. What did you do with all that garlic?!

  3. Hi Casey and Jala, and thanks for your nice comments.
    We grew lots of different varieties of garlic. We ate a LOT, gave some away, and sold it at the farmer's market too. Now we just eat it and share it with friends and family.
    Casey- you are in a prime garlic growing region!