Saturday, February 28, 2009

supporting the arts

hilltop shadow
pastel on Wallis paper 7.5"x9.5"

Well, it's the last day of February, and I met my goal of painting every day, even though I didn't complete a new painting each day. And there were a few I didn't post. It's been such a good thing for me. I hope to keep up the daily, or near daily consistency.

This weekend our town, Columbia Missouri, is hosting an annual Documentary Film Festival, called the True False Film Festival. It has become quite a huge event, attracting thousands of people each year, and requiring hundreds of volunteers. I'm happy that I got to be one of them this year and support the arts in another way. And I get to see lots of amazing films. It has made it a little difficult to paint the last couple of days, but I'm pretty happy with this one.

Happy March everyone. Spring is coming!


  1. Jean, Your painting is going very well.


  2. Oh I hope you're right...about Spring coming this way soon! Congrats on meeting that goal. That's a lot.
    And, beautiful piece.

  3. Pow! Amazing warmth. I love this one! The directional warmth pulls me right up to the beautiful treeline against that misty blue. This is great work. :)