Thursday, February 12, 2009

the color of february

The Color of February
Pastel on Wallis paper 7.5"x11.5"

Last weekend I drove for a couple hours through the countryside and noticed again the beautiful colors that are everywhere this time of year- the dried grasses and the lavender sky and tree lines. It's wonderful how painting makes you aware of all the colors. The grass is no longer yellow, but thousands of shades of green, grey, yellow, pink, red.... It takes your breath away sometimes.

This scene is in southern Missouri where the hills are bigger.


  1. Lovely, mysterious, serene... The painting definitely has the beautiful feel of that mid-western landscape that I've come to appreciate so much. So glad I came over!

  2. me again...Hi Jean, I've 'tagged' you on my blog...come by to see what this is all about. :)

  3. Beautiful atmosphere Jean! I really enjoyed browsing through your blog. I'll be back!