Wednesday, February 18, 2009


pastel on colourfix paper 9"x12"

This little scene is painted from a photo I took while in Guatemala. If the sweet little Mayan woman looks really short, it's because she is. The colors, the people, the scenery there are all so beautiful.
This was a very different subject for me. I don't usually include people in my paintings.
It's nice to be back to pastels today, after some experimenting with oils. I feel more at home with them, which is a nice feeling.
Before taking up pastels I painted with watercolors for a few years. My husband and I took the train to Santa Fe two (or is it three?) years ago for our anniversary, and that's where I first saw the incredible pastels that sparked my interest in this medium. I didn't know anything about it before that, and have been learning what I can from books and lots of trial and error.
I just bought an instructional video with Albert Handell demonstrating. I love his work. I'm considering going to one of his workshops and would love to hear from anyone who has been to one.

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