Sunday, February 15, 2009

driving by woods on a snowy evening...

Snowy evening
pastel on paper 6"x9"

...or Where I've Been This Weekend. Iowa. It is mostly cornfields, but there are some trees.

It was a little exciting driving through a snowstorm, and the snow really was beautiful.
I was also inspired to paint a snowy scene after looking at some great little paintings on Karen Phipps blog.
Another very quick painting for me. Under an hour. This has been very good for me because it used to take me months to complete a painting. It's good to keep moving on.

Thanks everyone for stopping by...


  1. Jean , It's sweet of you to mention me, that I may have inspired, you, because when I first looked at your image, before I read the text, I immediately loved it! There is something so beautiful about these mid-western snow scenes...

  2. Beautiful Jean!!!! Serene and quiet.