Thursday, February 19, 2009

fall grasslands pastel version

fall grasslands pastel
pastel on Wallis paper 6"x9"

This is the same scene that I painted in oil a few days ago. I added some vertical elements to hopefully improve the composition. I feel that both photos have turned out too orange. The paintings are not quite so orange though they may need some lighter golden tones. I was having trouble coming up with a luminous color that wasn't too bright. Gee, I may need to buy more pastels. :)
These grassland areas are the Missouri River bottomlands that flooded so badly in '93. Now it is a wetlands project. Waste water is channeled there to be naturally purified. You can see tons of birds there. Geese, ducks, eagles, herons, egrets...


  1. Jean, I like it. Check out the site of Michael Chesley Johnson, He's doing field studies and has tips you might be interested in.


  2. This one is lovely also. The vertical elements seem to add a bit of smaller human scale to it, while the first version feels like vast, endless space. Interesting how these elements change the whole thing.

  3. Beautiful. I love the color, but we all need a nice excuse to buy new pastels!

  4. Thank you Bob, Karen, and Jala.
    Karen, I noticed that too, but I was wondering if it was also because the distant land mass is thicker, and so it looks nearer.
    It is amazing how certain little things can make a big difference